Golf Cart Insurance

What is Golf Cart Insurance?

Golf cart insurance is similar to auto insurance but for a golf cart. Coverage helps pay for damages that can occur to a golf cart. It can also help pay for damages or injuries that you cause someone else.

Who Needs to Have Golf Cart Insurance?

Most states require that all drivers have auto insurance, and that requirement sometimes extends to golf carts. For example, if you live in Arizona, then you’re required to have liability coverage for your cart if you drive anywhere outside of the golf course. Play it safe and check your state’s laws regarding this issue.

You can benefit from coverage even if it’s not mandatory. Your cart could get damaged, stolen, or you could cause damages or injuries to someone else. So even if the insurance isn’t required, you’ll do good to have it.

How Does Coverage Work?

The policy pays certain expenses up to coverage limits. For instance, you might have a policy that pays up to $2000 for liability. If you’re liable for damages, then the policy will pay up to $2000 of the expense. There’s usually a deductible, and you have to pay a monthly premium to keep the policy active.

Types of Coverage

Insurance for golf carts is practically the same as what’s offered under auto insurance. Some options include:

– Collision coverage to pay for damages that result from a collision.
– Comprehensive coverage to pay for a wide variety of incidents, including damages from fire, vandalism, or theft.
– Property damage liability to pay if you’re legally responsible for damages you’ve caused to someone else’s property.
– Bodily injury liability to pay medical bills and related expenses you’ve caused someone else.

Benefits of Coverage

It helps to have financial assistance in the event of an accident. With this coverage, you won’t have to shoulder the entire expense of damages you cause to someone else. And depending on your coverage, you can also get help paying expenses when your golf cart is damaged.